Monday, February 09, 2009

Steely Dan

OK, maybe you know that the rock band Steely Dan took its name from a dildo in William Burroughs’ Naked Lunch. But have you ever read the passage that inspired them? Most of the sex in Naked Lunch is between men, though it’s often surreal, violent, and mucky. But in the ‘Steely Dan’ passage it’s het sex, of the pegging variety:

“Mary is strapping on a rubber penis. ‘Steely Dan III from Yokohama,’ she says, caressing the shaft. Milk spurts across the room.

“’Be sure that milk is pasteurized. Don’t go giving me some kinda awful cow disease like anthrax or glanders or aftosa …’ [ellipsis in orig.]

“’When I was a transvestite Liz in Chi used to work as an exterminator. Make advances to pretty boys for the thrill of being beaten as a man. Later I catch this one kid, overpower him with supersonic judo I learned from an old Lesbian Zen monk. I tie him up, strip off his clothes with a razor, and fuck him with Steely Dan I. He is so relieved I don’t castrate him literal he come all over my bedbug spray.’

“’What happen to Steely Dan I?’

“’He was torn in two by a bull dike. Most terrific vaginal grip I ever experienced. She could cave in a lead pipe. It was one of her parlor tricks.’

“’And Steely Dan II?’

“’Chewed to bits by a famished candiru in the Upper Baboonsasshole.’”

Then Mary works Steely Dan III into Johnny’s ass “with a series of corkscrew movements of her fluid hips.”

Pop music!


Joel Muchmore said...

Dan -

I just had published an in-depth and slightly academic article about Steely Dan. In the section about the name, I linked to your blog for textual context.

Thought I would pass that along.


Glenn Ingersoll said...

At one of my first jobs, a bookstore, a customer asked if we had books by William Burroughs. I'd heard of Edgar Rice Burroughs. I just made him impatient when I led him to the Sci Fi section. We also tried literature. This was 1985. Do you suppose that benighted mall bookstore stocked the movie tie-in paperback?

Thanks for the link, Joel.

I now know more about Steely Dan (the band) than ever ever. "... affection that belatedly manifests itself through remorse."