Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Speaker’s Corner, part II

from the diary: “Wednesday 9/28/88 day 21

“While at Speaker’s Corner Sunday [9/25] I spoke with a couple or three older gay men – one of whom enlightened me on a little ‘having fun’ etiquette. He doesn’t want a relationship, he says, and he doesn’t indulge so often anymore but every or every other week he comes to the park to look and choose. Likes men younger than himself – between 28 & 40. He, I believe, was 50. He will wear a walkman radio on such evenings and stand on the outskirts of the cruising area, size up the passersby. When he spies what he likes he establishes eye contact, then turns and strolls away up another path – if the man is interested he follows. ‘They come to me,’ he says. ‘I won’t go to them. Medium risk, you know what I mean? You have high risk, which is in the end you know, then medium risk -- oral. And no risk which is just playing around.’”

By the way, what Senator Craig is into?, in Britain it’s called “cottaging”. Public restrooms being called “cottages”, don’t you know.

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