Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Kensington Library

from the diary: “9/20/88 Tuesday

“Got my library card for the Kensington Library. Great library! I s’pose it helps that the borough is very well-to-do. Checked out the limit – 3 books. Gay subjects mostly – I’m looking over what British books on the theme are like & am pleased by the selection.”

9/21: “I just divided out the money I have in British pounds – both that which I have in cash and that which I have in traveller’s cheques. Assuming there are 85 days remaining in my London semester I have approx. 2.90 pounds a day to spend. That’s a division of 250 pounds. I also have three hundred American dollars in traveller’s cheques. I am going to Amsterdam with that. I think. Maybe.”


Anonymous said...

What a lovely klog you have here!

Glenn Ingersoll said...

goes down easy?

Anonymous said...