Saturday, February 17, 2007

You Don’t Look 35, Charlie Brown

from the diary: “Sunday 4/27/86

“Dropped You Don’t Look 35, Charlie Brown in the library book slot.”

I loved Peanuts as a kid. I learned the word “depressed” from Charlie Brown. These were kids not involved in hilarious hijinks but ruminating about life. I bought lots of the mass market size reprints and they always said the strips inside were “selected from” some larger volume so I tried to find the larger volumes and sometimes succeeded. At one point, my ardor cooled and eager to get my hands on the new fave, I sold off my shelf-load of Peanuts to buy B.C. reprints.

A couple years ago I saw a batch of the Peanuts books in the Friends of the Library book sale, many of the ones I’d owned long ago, so I gathered them up. No, I haven’t reread them. But I see Fantagraphics has embarked on a project – reprinting all the Peanuts strips in a high quality format. Good for them.


David Lee Ingersoll said...

I keep thinking that I'd want to own the Fantagraphics series. It would look so good on my shelf. I have the sort of affection for Charlie and the gang that I have for beloved stuffed animals.

But first I'll want to get the Calvin and Hobbes collection (used or through a good deal on ebay). That's something I can see myself rereading.

Glenn Ingersoll said...

The complete Calvin & Hobbes is now available, isn't it?