Friday, May 27, 2005

Winds of War

I watched the TV mini-series and liked it so decided to tackle Herman Wouk’s novel. Wouk was a Pulitzer Prize winner so he had to be literary, right? Here’s what I say about Winds of War January 2, 1985: “The only sex scene so far fades to the crashing waves, flowers, and a treatise on the vagaries of human, etc. Quite humorous and very prudish, not even the fainting, veiled purple stuff of modern romance novels. And precious little violence for a war novel, wouldn’t even know about the fighting if they didn’t keep mentioning it.” Curiously I added, “but I’m hooked and thrashing.”

By the way, I didn't really know anything about "modern romance novels," having never attempted to read any. I still can't say I've actually read one, not all the way through. But I have happened onto a sex scene or two browsing and those weren't so subtle as "fainting" and "veiled" suggests.

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