Monday, May 23, 2005

Russian River Writers' Guild

As far as a social life goes I didn’t have much of one. Besides the rather distant Oz Club I did get to be around people at the Russian River Writers’ Guild reading series which ran for several years at a senior center in Sebastopol. It was in easy walking distance of my house and people would show up from around Sonoma County, mostly the west county, that is, west of Santa Rosa. Guerneville, Bodega Bay, Graton.

I would read at the open and had a few features. There were good poets and mediocre poets and crappy poets, like in every scene. Do I remember any names? Jayne McPherson, Joe Pahls, Marianne Ware, Ann Erickson … I have the RRWG anthology around somewhere. I’ll get to it in another post.


Steve said...

No kidding, Glen, there's an "RRWG anthology?"

You may recall that David Bromige, Maureen Hurley, and I were co-directors of the series in the early 1990's.

Steve Tills

Glenn Ingersoll said...

hi Steve,

A stone's throw : the Russian River Writers' Guild Anthology v. 1
Sebastopol, CA : Russian River Writers' Guild, 1990.

That's the cataloging information from the Sonoma County Library. The copy at the Rohnert Park branch is checked out! Was there ever a second volume?

I moved to Berkeley shortly after Stone's Throw was published so didn't keep up on the doings of the RRWG in 90s.

Are you still involved?

Steve said...

Well, no, I moved "back east" to western New York in 1998, after 17 years in Sonoma County (I taught at SRJC for ten years, actually, also).

Possibly, you knew Marianne Ware, also a teacher at SRJC; she was involved with RRWG, also.

I see you posting at Silliman's blog every now and then. I did M.A. thesis called _A Primer to Language Poetry_ -- focusing primarily on Ron S., Lyn Hejinian, and Barrett Watten -- in 1988 under David Bromige's guidance. I have a blog at Stop by some time. :)