Saturday, March 12, 2005

The Lost Princess of Oz

From the diary: “February 23, 1981

“I finished Rinkitink in Oz (finally) over the weekend and I am starting The Lost Princess of Oz.”

Other things going on: I tried out for but did not get a part in the school play. I bred fruit flies as part of a biology class experiment. I took an IQ test in order to get into a gifted program. One of the questions, “You have a 9 pint can and a 5 pint can and you need exactly 13 pints, no more and no less. You go down to the stream to get your 13 pints. Hint: fill the 9 pint can first.” Apparently, “This stupid question stumped me during the test but this afternoon I figured it out and I am so mad at myself!” I was, it turned out, of sufficient IQ to get into the program.

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David Lee Ingersoll said...

Lost Princess is one of my favorite of the original fourteen. Perhaps my favorite.

It's the one with a plot. At least, a plot that mostly fills up the book.

It's also the one that spends the most time with the most established characters. Toto and the Lion both get the spotlight on them for a time. Toto loses his bark! Hee!