Saturday, March 19, 2005

Library book sale

From the diary: “April 25, 1981

“I went down to the library’s book sale. I’m sure they check through all the books to see if any are valuable before they put them up for sale. I bought The War Against the Rull by A.E. Van Vogt, Burnt Offerings, (both book club editions) and Elephant Bill, a book about a man who lived with elephants in Burma (wherever that is).”

Indeed I discovered that members of the Friends of the Library had an evening to pick over the donations before they were offered to the general public. There was rarely much that interested me. The pickings are better here in Berkeley than they ever were in Sebastopol or Santa Rosa. It helps to live in a city and one with a big university, too.

I never did read the Van Vogt novel (do I still have it?), though I did get to the other two.

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