Thursday, January 02, 2020

Best Poems of 2019

Basho … two haiku

Boncho … one haiku (“the brushwood”)

Linnea Brett … bird avenue

Buson … seven haiku

Chippewa song … Sometimes I Go About Pitying Myself

Sheila Dong … Prayer

Giles Goodland … Bees

Katharine Harer … Death Over Breakfast

Christopher Jon Heuer … The Hands of My Father

Jackleen Holton Hookway … Luxury

Hokushi … haiku (“I kept hanging the moon”)

Issa … three haiku

Joso … haiku (“above the noise”)

Julie Larios … What Bee Did

Dorianne Laux … The Lost

Michelangelo Buonarroti … 90. Sonnet; possibly for Tammaso

Jim Murdoch … Shadow Writing

Otsuji … haiku (“the spring rain”)

Roka … haiku (“the water-fowl swims”)

Ryokan … haiku (“the burglar”)

Shiki … three haiku

Michael Dylan Welch & Tanya McDonald … Between Night Hills (a haiku sequence)


I have a loose leaf notebook into which I copy out poems. The above were the poems I copied out in 2019.

Wednesday, January 01, 2020

Titles Read in 2019


My Neighbor, a 4-poet haiku chapbook, Paul Miller, editor

Best Gay Poetry 2008 edited by Lawrence Schimel

Phoebe 2002: an essay in verse by Jeffery Conway, Lynn Crosbie, and David Trinidad

The Last Five Miles to Grace by David Lerner

Between the Cracks by Julia Vinograd

Haight Ashbury Literary Journal, v.17 n.2, 1998

Futures Trading, anthology four. 2017. Caleb Puckett, editor

frogpond, v.39:1, winter 2016. Haiku Society of America

Bijou in the Dark by John Yau

While England Sleeps by David Leavitt

The Best American Poetry 2008 Charles Wright, guest editor; David Lehman, series ed.

Jazz & other hot subjects: new and selected poems by Katharine Harer

The Hot Breath of War by Alixopulos

frogpond, v.39:3, autumn 2016

Jim, 2014 edition, by Jim Woodring


Querelle by Jean Genet, translated by Anselm Hollo

The Largeness the Small is Capable of edited by Crag Hill [ebook]

Mipoesias, 2015 edited by Nin Andrews [ebook]

Has the Gay Movement Failed? by Martin Duberman

Hanging Loose, 103, 2014; Hershon, et al, editors

Invincible Ultimate Collection, v.12: #133-144 Robert Kirkman, writer; Ryan Ottley artist

Pieces of Eight: haiku offerings by Jerry Ball

God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater by Kurt Vonnegut Jr

The Weary World Rejoices by Steve Fellner

Haiku, vol.1: Eastern Culture by R. H. Blyth


Unthinkable: an extraordinary journey through the world’s strangest brains by Helen Thomson

Hanging Loose, 93, 2008; Hershon, Lourie, et all, editors

Across the Great Divide by Tobey Kaplan

The Complete Peanuts: 1959-1960 by Charles M. Schulz

W. W. Denslow by Douglas G. Greene and Michael P. Hearn

The Darker Fall by Rick Barot

Konfidenz by Ariel Dorfman

The Complete Peanuts: 1961-1962 by Charles M. Schulz

The Right Stuff by Tom Wolfe

Smith Going Backward by Steve Carey

A Spy in the House of Years by Giles Goodland

Facts About the Moon by Dorianne Laux


Benefits of Doubt by Cyrus Armajani

Saigon Calling: London, 1963-1975 by Marcelino Truong

The Book of Men by Dorianne Laux

Brief Histories of Everyday Objects by Andy Warner

Deaf American Poetry: an anthology edited by John Lee Clark

The Best American Poetry 2009 David Wagoner, guest ed.; David Lehman, series ed.

So Bright the Vision by Clifford D. Simak

Getting Lost in a City Like This by Jack Anderson

A Skeptic’s Guide to Writers’ Houses by Anne Trubek

Your Inner Fish by Neil Shubin


I’m Not Even That into Astrology by Linnea Brett

Babel: around the world in twenty languages by Gaston Dorren

Haiku, vol.2: Spring by R. H. Blyth

Yellow Moving Van by Ron Koertge

Olympusville by Ron Koertge

Look Back and Laugh: journal comics by Liz Prince

Gods in Color: polychromy in the ancient world Brinkmann, Dreyfus, Koch-Brinkmann, editors

Moon Crumbs by Sheila Dong

The Rag and Bone Shop of the Heart: poems for men edited by Robert Bly, James Hillman, Michael Meade

X-Men Grand Design, vol.2: Second Genesis by Ed Piskor

From the Estuary to the Offing by Kevin Bertolero

The Rise and Fall of the Bible by Timothy Beal


Once I Was Many Other Things by Jessie Knoles

Inside Star Trek: the real story by Herbert F. Solow and Robert H. Justman

Ticket to Exile: a memoir by Adam David Miller

The International Homosexual Conspiracy by Larry-Bob Roberts

Big Dreams: into the heart of California by Bill Barich

War on Peace: the end of diplomacy and the decline of American influence by Ronan Farrow

Haiku, vol.3: Summer - Autumn by R. H. Blyth


The Best American Poetry 2012 Mark Doty, guest editor; David Lehman, series editor

Gay and Lesbian Poetry: an anthology from Sappho to Michelangelo edited by James J. Wilhelm

Hasib and the Queen of Serpents by David B. 

Shenandoah, v.34 n.2, fall 2004

I Killed: true stories of the road from America’s top comics edited by Ritch Shydner and Mark Schiff

Mama’s Last Hug: animal emotions by Frans de Waal

Kid Gloves: nine months of careful chaos by Lucy Knisley


On That One-Way Trip to Mars by Marlena Chertock

Detour by John Rowe

Merry Men by Robert Rodi and Jackie Lewis

Parkland by Dave Cullen

Haiku, vol.4: Autumn - Winter by R. H. Blyth

Modern Japanese Tanka edited by Makoto Ueda

Broken World by Joseph Lease

Senryu: Japanese satirical verses by R. H. Blyth

Nepantla: an anthology for queer poets of color edited by Christopher Soto

The Body Ghost by Joseph Lease

Europe in Sepia by Dubravka Ugresic

Look Busy by Jane McDermott


Married at Fourteen by Lucille Lang Day

Cenzontle by Marcelo Hernandez Castillo

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne

The Best American Poetry 2013 Denise Duhamel, guest ed.; David Lehman, series ed.

The Trouble with Gravity by Richard Panek

The Penguin Book of Haiku translated and edited by Adam L. Kern

New Poets of the American West Lowell Jaeger, editor

Can Grande’s Castle by Amy Lowell

My Stroke of Insight by Jill Bolte Taylor

Only as the Day Is Long (the New Poems section) by Dorianne Laux


The Best American Poetry 2014 Terrance Hayes, guest ed.; David Lehman, series ed.

Wide Awake by David Levithan

Guts by Raina Telgemeier

Pulphead by John Jeremiah Sullivan

Where Do Camels Belong? by Ken Thompson


Voices of the Soviet Space Program: cosmonauts, soldiers, and engineers who took the USSR into space by Slava Gerovitch

Bindweed Anthology 2018: Devil’s Guts edited by Leilanie Stewart and Joseph Robert

The Best American Poetry 2015 Sherman Alexie, guest ed.; David Lehman, series ed.

Monsters I Have Been by Kenji C. Liu

Calypso by David Sedaris

Bloom by Kevin Panetta and Savanna Ganucheau

In Patagonia by Bruce Chatwin

The End of San Francisco by Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore


Daughters of Destiny by L. Frank Baum writing as Schuyler Staunton [ebook]

Animal Man, vol.1, issues 1-9; Grant Morrison, writer; Chas Truog, artist

Spell by Ann Lauterbach