Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Best Poems of 2015

John Ash ….. Partial Explanation
Valerie Berry ….. two women at a small-town foreign film festival
Tadeusz Borowski ….. The Sun of Auschwitz
Matt Cook ….. Carp Gallbladders
Matt Cook ….. Someone to Love Me
Faiz Ahmad Faiz ….. A Prison Daybreak
Jaan Kaplinski ….. “A last cloud moves across the sky …”
Jaan Kaplinski ….. “I was rinsing laundry at the pond …”
Jaan Kaplinski ….. “The sky’s overcast. The warm wind …”
Jacques Prevert ….. Barbara
Tomaz Salamun ….. Long Ago from 7 Poets, 4 Days, 1 Book
Ksenia Golubovich ….. “The broken ring …” from 7 Poets, 4 Days, 1 Book
Aleksander Wat ….. Imagerie d’Epinal
Angela Veronica Wang ….. New York Boys I Miss Kissing …

These are the poems I hand copied in 2015. When I read a book of poems I tuck a placemark in next to what poems strike me, those I wish to read again later. When I return to the marked poems and read them and read them once more I decide whether this time in leaving them it will be okay to leave them forever. If it isn’t okay, then I hand copy each one onto binder paper and add the poems to a three-ring binder. These are the best poems of the year. Wouldn’t they be for you?

Of the 14 poems, 9 were written originally in a language other than English. I know these only in translation. 

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