Thursday, February 05, 2015


from the diary (1/13/89):

I mailed a few postcards today. To Eric [H], Lary, Jeni (saw her last night at the library coming to use the photocopier, she gave me her new SF address), and Chris [B].

I had a lot of people to write to when I was in London. I got in the habit of writing postcards. A lot of postcards. It was a habit I tried to keep up once I got back. I will still occasionally address a big stack of postcards and spend a few days squeezing a tidbit of news into the space a postcard provides. It helps when there is some news, but even when there isn’t I think it’s nice to get mail and be confirmed that somebody is thinking of you, isn’t it? Sure, there’s email, which is so easy, but physical mail with real ink scrawled by a human hand with a pretty picture on the back … something about it.

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