Saturday, February 14, 2015

Book of Love. Book of Love

from the book log (1/14/89):

Book of Love. Book of Love. a record album.

This is not a great album. I remember [the band’s] name from KITS — LIVE 105.3 — I thought I really liked them. I think I got [Book of Love] and Colourbox mixed up. Anyway. They’re not terrible but neither do they stand out. “Modigliani (Lost in Your Eyes)” reminds me a lot of Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes.” “Boy” is the song that sounds familiar; prob’ the one I heard on LIVE 105.3. “Yellow Sky” is my fav. track but that’s not a wild recommendation. Somewhat danceable, too ordinary synthesizer semi-mellow pop. Awful lyrics. From “Modigliani”: “You knew what / I was thinking inside / with one look / of your all seeing eyes.” From “I Touch Roses”: “If you think I’m magical / cause roses bloom with my touch / but magic’s just not practical / I think you think too much.” Very vacant, full of cliches and stupid “relationships/love.”

I must still have this. I haven’t sold or given away any of my vinyl. Not that I’ve listened to it in years. I don’t understand the vinyl revival. Vinyl is such a hassle. If the sound is so much better it’s nothing my ears can detect. Pops and clicks, yes. I think I picked up a clearance bin CD of Book of Love thinking I was missing something. But I never played it.

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