Monday, January 12, 2015

X-Factor #9

from the book log (1/6/89):

X-Factor #39

Ah, God! The end of this INFERNO storyline at last! It has been much too drawn out. Chris Claremont, author of the X-Men is superior to Louise Simonson, writer of X-Factor #39. This issue was just another long fight scene — haven’t we had enough of these? It is revealed that Mr. Sinister did vile things to Scott Summers (Cyclops) back when Scott was newly orphaned. Mr. Sinister may have run an orphanage, but it wasn’t cuz he was a nice guy. The revelations seem absurd rather than revealing. Glad this is over.


Have we had enough fight scenes? In a superhero comic? This was rhetorical question?

I’m put in mind of the review of the latest episode of the TV series Gotham that appears in Paste. Eric Walters says, Despite the “stiff acting, subpar writing, [and] overabundance of characters, [Gotham] is worth hanging around for.” A true fanboy!

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