Thursday, January 08, 2015

Sonoma Mandala 1988

from the book log (1/5/89):

Sonoma Mandala 1988, the Sonoma State University literary annual

I like the look of this book. Plain green cover, nice stiff paper stock for the pages, nice typography. Although I haven’t read every poem, the quality is high. Since Jayne [McPherson] told me they chose one of the poems I sent for the ’89 issue I hope the quality is comparable to this. Favorite: Greg Mahrer, David R. Evans; I love the last line of Douglas A. Powell’s “silver nitrate”: “My death is. a yellow balloon”

So two book log entries in a row I’ve written about a literary magazine and in both cases I said in the review that I hadn’t yet read all the poems. In the Green Fuse entry I wrote, “I haven’t read [all the poems] yet, but the intensity gets boring.” And in the one above I wrote, “Although I haven’t read every poem, the quality is high.” Why was I writing about a magazine without having read all its poems?

A fit of new-year’s-resolution-itis? I have time now, did I say to myself, so I’ll make note of these now? If I wait I may never get it done!

I’m sure I got to all the poems shortly thereafter. If my opinion had changed I would have updated the book log. Right?

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