Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Cocteau Twins. Blue Bell Knoll

from the diary (1/5/89): “bought a copy of The Cocteau Twins’ latest Blue Bell Knoll, which was in the used file at the Last Record Store [in Santa Rosa].”

from the book log (1/6/89):

Cocteau Twins. Blue Bell Knoll, a record album

I bought this a few days ago and enjoy playing it. Little of it is danceable, which is one of my big points for buying music, but once I put it on I usually end up sitting down and reading. The music flows around and through me. I like it. It’s not just mood music, but it’s very atmospheric.

Now that music so easily surrounds one, no need to get up and go to the turntable, and now that I can afford it in a way I certainly couldn’t in 1989, I’m more eager for variety than for the one song that makes me spin. Not that I still don’t love a song that gets me on my feet.

In my London semester I made the acquaintance of another gay student, also an American attending in the AIFS program. He liked Cocteau Twins. I said I liked Cocteau Twins, too.

"Cico Buff" is one of the songs from Blue Bell Knoll:

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