Friday, August 02, 2013

just muster one tenth of that for a finer world

Grant Morrison discussing the people who said mean things online about one of his comics stories:

One outraged reader even confidently predicted that I would, someday soon, be brought to account for the 'evil' that I had done. For a comics fan scorned, it seemed, the measure of evil lay not in genocide or child abuse but in continuity details deliberately overlooked by self-important writers, of plot points insufficiently telegraphed, and themes made opaque or ambiguous.

If only one tenth of the righteous, sputtering wrath of these anonymous zealots could be mustered against the horror of bigotry or poverty, we might find ourselves overnight in a finer world.

Hm. You think?

source: Supergods: what masked vigilantes, miraculous mutants, and a sun god from Smallville can teach us about being human by Grant Morrison


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Glenn Ingersoll said...

Think of it as a tithe?

Bernice Ingersoll said...

A worthy alchemy.