Saturday, May 21, 2011

cowboys and pistols

From a capsule tour diary of the Sex Pistols 1978 U.S. tour, their final tour:

Jan 8: Randy’s Rodeo, San Antonio, Texas

… The band take the stage around 11pm, Lydon wearing a ripped tartan suit and his Tom of Finland gay cowboys T-shirt. The band are pelted with popcorn, beer cups, hot dogs, whipped cream, bottles and pies. Sid premieres his ‘Gimme A Fix’ DIY chest tattoo, shouts, ‘You cowboys are all a bunch of faggots!,’ has his nose bloodied by a beer can and brains a troublemaker with his bass.

Oh the irony! Sid Vicious calls the Texans faggots while his bandmate Johnny Rotten (Lydon) wears a tshirt of two affectionate cowboys with their gigantic cocks hanging out.

I snatched the image from That’s not the tshirt, which was sold in Malcolm McLaren’s shop SEX, McLaren being the Sex Pistols svengali, but the source image for the shirt’s design. It is not, says Mr Gormanis, a Tom of Finland drawing, but one by Jim French.

If you’re curious, there’s more to read at (“SEX specialised in transgression … selling fetish and bondage clothing, and with a variety of erotic material on its hand-made shirts.”) and (“’The whole drawing was simply jacked. … McLaren and [Vivienne] Westwood made a whole bunch of money … stealing it.’”)

You can spot the shirt itself in a 1980 image of Boy George, pre-fame.

source: Andrew Male, Mojo: the music magazine, July 2009


Paula said...

Great article. Check this out -- a photo by punk chronicler Roberta Bayley of Johnny wearing the shirt in San Antonio:

Glenn Ingersoll said...

Thanks for the link, Paula. The Texas Monthly article is worth a read, too.