Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Poetry & Pizza goodies

Last Friday was the monthly Poetry & Pizza reading. We had Bruce Isaacson, MK Chavez, and John Attardi.

I didn’t bring home any of their books. However, I did bring home the Zeitgeist literary zine, a photocopy staple in the upper left business. You can download your own here (pdf): Neon Geyser, Porcelain Sky. Contains poems by Chavez and Isaacson, as well as Joie Cook, Q.R. Hand, Brian Morrisey, and Katharine Harer, et al. Katharine is one of the P&P coordinators.

I bought Clive Matson’s latest chapbook, Chalcedony’s First Ten Songs. Clive is the other P&P coordinator (besides me). I see Clive has his own page at the new lit site Red Room. I’ve been meaning to put up a post about Red Room. Most of the writers so far seem to be SF Bay Area, but the site builders aren’t locally focused so much as starting with who they know.

Mel C. Thompson, who I haven’t seen in years, showed up to support his old buddy Bruce. I’d love to have Mel read for P&P. He handed me his latest self-published chapbook: A Poetry House Built With Four-by-Fours: an ongoing collection of pseudo-immortal poems: Chapter One: shortsighted works written for transient profit. Make sure you stop by the Mel C. Thompson website.

Katharine also put out a stack of brochures for the annual WOW: Women on Writing conference that takes place at the school where she teaches, Skyline College. It takes place Saturday, March 1st. Looks like there are workshops on travel writing and “sense of place” and “your life as story” by such as Carol Lem, Nancy Shelby, Harer herself, Adair Lara, etc. No one turned away for being an XY. I’m not planning to go. Frankly, another workshop on how to write or where to send it sounds depressing. But if anybody wants to buddy up maybe two would be fun. Looks like it runs about $85 or $100.

I’m still working on the readers for Poetry & Pizza March. Should be able to make an announcement shortly.

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