Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Best Poems of 2007

As I read a book of poems I keep handy a stack of bookmarks. Should I read a poem I want to revisit I tuck one of these scraps of paper in beside it. I read marked poems several times. After I’ve finished the book and am ready to put it away, I decide whether I can leave the poem behind. If I can’t I copy it out by hand in a notebook. I’ve been doing this for almost twenty years.

These are the poems I copied out in 2007:

Allen Ginsberg … “America”
Amy Allara … “so I would be ready to set about”
David Antin … “Endangered Nouns”
Tsering Wangmo Dhompa … “Third Lesson”
F.J. Bergmann … “Atonal Bisque”
Edward Smallfield … “Secret Lives”
Sara Littlecrow-Russell … “Russian Roulette, Indian Style”
Nikolai Gumilev … “A Baby Elephant”
Pablo Neruda … “Dream Horse”
Sylvia Plath … “Snakecharmer”
Sylvia Plath … “Moonrise”
Sylvia Plath … “In Plaster”
Spencer Selby … selections from “Text From My Visual Book”
Michele Ruby … “Apostrophe”
Iain Crichton Smith … “You Are at the Bottom of My Mind”
Ibaragi Noriko … “When I Was Prettiest in My Life”
W.S. Graham … “Night’s Fall Unlocks the Dirge of the Sea”
Kyle Kaufman … “fog the fold the name the”
Vicente Aleixandre … “The Bottom of the Well”
Else Lasker-Schuler … “Parting”
Yannis Ristos … from “Romiossini (VI)”
John Olson … “The Conservation of Strangeness”
D.L. Emblen … “A Rule to Keep One from Losing a Mountain”
Laynie Brown … from “Daily Sonnets”
Spencer Selby … “Original Veneer”
Emily Dickinson … “914: I cannot be ashamed”
Anna Deavere Smith … “Your Heads in Shame”
Larry Kearney … “The Soul”
Wang Wei … “Magnolia Basin”
Srikanth Reddy … “Circle (I)”
Kirmen Uribe … “The Cherry Tree”
Wang Shih-chen … “Arriving After Rain at the Temple of Heavenly Peace”
Mei Yao-ch’en … “Eating Shepherd’s-purse”
Liu Tsung-yuan … “On Covering the Bones of Chang Chin, the Hired Man”
Essex Hemphill … “Civil Servant”

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for including my poem---"so I would be ready to set about"
so glad you liked it.

a.e. allara

Glenn Ingersoll said...

hey a.e.,

Before I posted this I tried to find some contact info for you, but was unable to.

Thanks for stopping by.


Anonymous said...


I've just gotten my website back up. It's very basic and under construction.


p.s. I read your poem "Didn't hear a thing" and thought it was great. I like your diction and way of stating things.

Glenn Ingersoll said...

your website is tres minimal, amy.