Wednesday, September 05, 2007

planning the midterm trip

from the diary: “Friday Oct 14, 1988

Julie and I “were in Waterstone’s Book Store looking at guidebooks and she picks up … The Complete Guide to Amsterdam for Gay Men and Lesbians. She notices not the latter part of the title.

“‘Have you looked at this?’ she says.

“‘Yes,’ I say, ‘but you might read the title. I’d be more likely to pick up that book than you.’

“She laughs. As we’re leaving the store she runs this over in her mind. ‘”I’d be more like to pick up that book than you.’” She sort of doubletakes and half-seriously, ‘Why, are you gay?’

“’Yep. That’s what that means.’ I flip off my cap and point to the pink triangle button.

“She says, ‘Does this mean I’m not supposed to talk to you?’

“’No. Unless it bothers you.’

“She’s recovering. ‘No, actually, it might be easier.’”

Julie was about 15 years older than me with two kids at home. (She also had a 20 year old boyfriend.) We both wanted to take a midterm trip through Paris, Brussels, and Amsterdam – that was a touring ticket you could buy. Neither of us wanted to go alone so we decided we might as well go together.

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