Thursday, September 06, 2007

Gay Plays

from the diary: “Sunday October 16 1988

“I stayed in most of the day again. Read a play from a collection called Gay Plays edited by Michael Wilcox. I’m not sure the title is appropriate.”

I don’t know which play I was reading. I presume I read all of them. The Claremont Branch has a copy of Gay Plays. I’ve seen it sitting on the shelf and thought, “I’ve read that, haven’t I?”

I went to grade school with a Mike Wilcox. Not the same, I’m sure.

One more paragraph from the diary:

“I leaned against one of the big lions under Nelson’s pedestal in Trafalgar Square, strolled down the mall to Buckingham Palace. I liked the fountain with its scowling men spitting water and clams likewise gushing. Looked through the gate at the man in the silly red suit. People live there?”


David Lee Ingersoll said...

Not people. Lizard monsters from the inner earth who drink the blood of children. David Icke said so.

Glenn Ingersoll said...

I suspect the human race is not so lucky in its enemies. Mostly the worst we have to deal with is each other, and that's no picnic. Pack a few nasty nasty diseases and the occasional stampeding hippopotamus and you have it.

Still ... reptiles ... scaly, scampering, cold-eyed ...