Saturday, September 01, 2007

Gay Guide to London

from the diary: “Saturday 10/8/88 day 31”

I met the girls at Hamley’s, the giant toy store. Afterward Shawn and I found a park where we could throw her new boomerang. “Shawn got pretty good. I made an awful job of it; when I threw the boom-a-rang [sic] it tended to come back, hesitate, turn around, then dash off in an entirely new direction – a long way away. Pretty blue.”

That evening I attended the coming out group at the LLGC. Met a 22 year old from Berkeley. And a Canadian “who I developed an instant liking for. It’ll come to nothing, I’m sure; it always comes to nothing.” I left with another Californian, “Franz (looks filipino maybe). We rode the tube in the same direction, sat & talked. He had one of those little Gay Guides to London like mine and he knew of a pub (The Champion) near where he lives. So we dropped in on the spot together – ten min. to closing, pubs close here at eleven. He got somethin’ to drink but I just stood back and felt uncomfortable. Big mass of men, few looking like anything I wanted to talk to (or [presumably] vice versa).”

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