Saturday, August 25, 2007

London Lesbian & Gay Centre

I found the London Lesbian & Gay Centre and attended a coming out group there. I didn’t feel like I was coming out, exactly, but I was totally new to the London scene and have never been good at bars and discos so rap groups have provided an opportunity to meet people without having to shout over music.

After the Saturday meeting (9/24/88), “I used the rest of the afternoon walking. Walked through the West End, I think, past Harrod’s anyway, dint feel like going in. Was looking for Hamley’s, the huge toy store, but couldn’t find it. Did drop by Gay’s the Word, London’s warm little, jammed & cozy gay bookstore. Hear they’re going to expand.”

According to Wikipedia the LLGC closed in 1991. Gay’s the Word is, according to their website, “the last surviving Gay and Lesbian bookshop in the UK” and they are “under threat.”

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