Friday, August 10, 2007

Another First Leaves

from the diary: "Tuesday 3/15/88

“I turned in an entry for the SRJC literary awards. I don’t know if I can win anything since I won the Manalli last year but Wayne Neel, the advisor for First Leaves who gave me the application, said, there’s nothing that says you can’t. Not on the application anyway. My selections this year are much better than last year’s. I only got the application a day or two before I had to turn it in last year and I was in a very down mood. I hated everything I’d written. This year I had a chance to be much more clearheaded. I found out Lou (the guy who runs Papa Ron’s’ poetry readings) thinks First Leaves is a rag (along with Chris Evans) but he submitted several poems this year anyway – on D. Emblen’s urging, I gathered.”

There were no poems by Lou in that year’s First Leaves. Nor is there mention in the diary of my winning any of the English Dept awards.

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