Tuesday, July 17, 2007

more Norse

From Harold Norse’s Memoirs of a Bastard Angel:

marriage: two deluded individuals vow to deceive each other till truth do them part.

Other bloggers have written about attending the Norse reading. Michael Petrelis even has pictures. I snagged one for this post.

renegadepathos posts one of the poems Norse read, “I am not a man”. Middle of the poem Norse said, “’And it goes on like that for a while.’ He made to turn the page to another poem, until we all cried out ‘Keep reading it!’ So he continued.”


Unknown said...

hey, thanks for mentioning my short report on harold's reading this past sunday. i like that you used one of the pix i took of him. be well. michael

Glenn Ingersoll said...

you're welcome. thanx for all the good work you do, mp.

Unknown said...

i've corrected the spelling of harold's and vermeulen's names. thanks for recognizing that i do lots of good work.