Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I skip the long ones too

Tim Donnelly writes good poems. He also performs them very well, at ease before an audience. He doesn’t write a lot so when I heard him read last Saturday (7/14), several months since I last heard him read, more than half the poems were familiar to me. Yet they were still fresh. Of one Tim said afterward, “In all the times I’ve read that poem, this was the first time I’ve gotten a laugh.” A poem likening orgasm to a sugar egg with a diorama inside of a naked bunny wedding? Got no laugh?

I picked up Tim’s self-published chapbook, I skip the long ones too. “You already have that,” he said. He’s right. So I’m offering it up here. You want it? I’ll mail it to you. (If you would prefer not to leave your address in comments you can email me – lovesettlement[at]

As additional enticement here’s a Donnelly poem:

I flunked the trial separation
lost my identification
lost identity
in a soft sweat museum
my body scooped dead as a bowl
not other fish but the sea I’m scared
of you are no piranha I
am no shark
the part where we give ourselves
every hand is a mouth in the shower

UPDATE: The giveaway is spoken for. However, if you want to give me your contact info I’d happily pass it on to Tim.

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