Friday, May 25, 2007

pile of reading

The Golden Compass: His Dark Materials trilogy, book one by Philip Pullman
When I asked our children's librarian what she thought of the Harry Potter books she volunteered that she liked Pullman's books better.

Beeswax Magazine, number three
Another handsome issue of the Oakland literary magazine that mixes comics, poetry & pranks.

Forever Free by Joy Adamson
In chapter four Elsa dies and the Adamsons have to try to figure out how to raise her three half-grown, mostly wild cubs.

Mornings in Mexico / Etruscan Places by D.H. Lawrence
Travel writing.

Digerati: 20 Contemporary Poets in the Virtual World edited by Steve Mueske
20 poets, 10 poems apiece. Most of the poets are bloggers.

Haircut and other stories by Ring Lardner
I wonder where he got the name "Ring"?

Sunflower Splendor: three thousand years of Chinese poetry edited by Wu-chi Liu and Irving Yucheng Lo
Out of 520 pages the first thousand years get about 30.

Swann's Way by Marcel Proust
Actually I've taken a bit of a break from Swann's Way but I keep thinking about it.

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