Sunday, May 13, 2007

Job’s Year & A Smile in His Lifetime

from the diary: “Sunday 9/13/87

“I finished the second of two novels I’ve read now by Joseph Hansen -- Job’s Year and A Smile in His Lifetime. Neither ends happily. But the books aren’t despairing. The main character of both books is gay. They have some hearty happinesses but so many tragedies.”

Joseph Hansen is the author of the Dave Brandstetter mystery series which I’ve recently been working my way through.

“In the post-Stonewall Brandstetter mystery series, some of Hansen's characters are able to achieve happiness and stability in gay relationships, but in his two ‘mainstream’ novels of the 1980s, A Smile in His Lifetime (1981) and Job's Year (1983), the gay protagonists are plagued with loss and loneliness.” That’s from the glbtq encyclopedia.

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