Sunday, May 20, 2007

GLSU poster series, part V

from the diary: “Wednesday 10/21/87

“My new poster – a photocopy blow-up of ‘GI consoles comrade whose buddy has been killed, Korea, 1950’, a beautiful picture of one man gently enfolding another in his arms. I took the photo from Acts of War, a book I’m now about halfway thru. The face of the soldier on the cover (his face fills the cover) is also very beautiful. I know now how people can become infatuated with photographs. He is so lovely. I talk to him once in awhile and kiss him.”

I remember one of these GI posters stayed up a long time, though shortly after I put it up someone neatly tore away the “Gay & Lesbian Student Union” tag on the bottom left corner. The photo was there for weeks, one man tenderly embracing another.

I think this was the last poster.

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