Friday, May 04, 2007

Green Fuse again

from the diary: “Monday 8/3/87

“Cuz there’s never anything else to do I made my usual Seb[astopol] Public Library stopover – had to renew a book. … [S]aw Marcia Keller-Smith reading Publisher’s Weekly. She’s studying for her new parttime position at Copperfield’s. Has to brush up on the latest bestsellers. We talked some about Green Fuse, but dint talk about the poems of mine they returned. She said she’d seen the ones in First Leaves, but I don’t remember whether she said she liked them or whether she expressed any opinion on them.”

Marcia Keller-Smith helped her husband, Ralph Smith, put together Green Fuse, a magazine devoted to poetry celebrating the natural world and decrying human destruction of it. After Ralph died, Brian Boldt, another Sonoma County poet (& the father of one of my coworkers at the SRJC library), produced issues.

I got a few poems in early numbers but as time went on I seemed to write few poems that could be remotely construed as on theme.

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