Thursday, May 17, 2007

GLSU poster series, part IV

from the diary: “Friday 9/25/87

“Greg Martin [GSLU prez] helped me post more poster #1 after we put away the GLSU club days table. The Wednesday table dint happen, but we did get out on Thursday. And the posters up yesterday were gone today. I even heard (I believe) the tearing down of the one on the library bulletin board, but I dint look out in time t’see who did it. ‘S kinda discouraging. At the mercy of the vandals and censors.”

10/2: “My posters still coming down near as fast as I staple em up. Vigilance. I stalk around with plenty copies. Oop. That one gone. Replace. Gets real tiresome.”

10/7: “The new poster ‘Which of these writers not gay? Woolf, Forster, Shakespeare’ is having a little more staying power than usual.”

10/8: At the gay youth group meeting in Marin “I passed around copies of the poster series. A person in the group said her friend had told her about the ‘Smile if you’re gay’ poster. So, yay. Also Bonnie (name familiar but not the face) was interested in the poster for College of Marin to post. So I gave her my address. I said it’d be fine with me t’send her a poster which she could copy and post.”

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