Wednesday, May 16, 2007

GLSU poster series, part III

from the diary: “Monday 9/21/87

“All but a few of my GLSU posters were gone. I found one in the ivy – stomped on, with a big gash in the middle. Another place the poster was replaced with a Miss America or Miss Somethingrother flyer. Tacked neatly in the exact spot where mine had been. The one on the library bulletin board had ‘AIDS’ scribbled across [it] in orange felt pen. I took the one from the ivy, folded it, and stuffed it in my bookbag. Make a nice homophobia display if I can recover enough others in the future. Maybe ‘Smile if you’re gay’ will be less objectionable. I don’t intend to let the vandals dictate my messages, but the incident has been me ideas for peaces, love, and nonviolence posters. And I’ll adjust my expectations accordingly.”

9/22: “Of the three posters I put up in the coop (outside cafeteria) at least one – way down low, of course – is still there. All the others I’ve checked for in the less populated areas are gone – even the ones way down low. Saw Teresa at bus stop downtown, she been restricted to bus schedule since car broke down mid-summer. She said she glad we’re offending people. She’d be inclined to be even more radical/controversial/whatever. That made me feel good, tho’ I was planning to do ‘Smile if you’re gay’ cuz I like the design I came up with.”

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