Tuesday, May 15, 2007

GLSU poster series, part II

from the diary: “Wednesday 9/16/87

“Another Gay and Lesbian Student Union meeting. I dint fight with anyone this time so I felt much more comfortable. The poster series wasn’t discussed much although some ‘suggestions’ for future posters were aired and written down. Don’t know if any will become posters. I’m going to make up one tonight. When I showed ‘Watch this space’ and ‘Read the Writing on the Wall’ – the two posters I posted this past weekend, there were murmurs of recognition. Teresa said she’d seen ‘Watch this space’ and wondered about it. Somebody said, ‘Didn’t know it was you.’ The one I’ll do tonight I’ll keep as noncontroversial as I can and still be interesting. Might put some of the other ideas today suggested in the Bear Facts [the SRJC student newsletter].”

9/18: “I have GSLU poster #1 YOU’RE HAVING TROUBLE PICKING UP GIRLS BUT HAVING A GREAT TIME PICKING UP GUYS ready to post. I put one on library board but dint have stapler to post the rest. Do that this weekend.”

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