Wednesday, May 09, 2007


from the diary: “Tuesday 8/25/87

“I got my SASE from the lit magazine Everywhere, the place to which Emblen suggested I send ‘On a Blue Plain.’ They sent back the other three poems I’d sent along with ‘OBP’ and a note saying, ‘We have read your poems and like "On a Blue Plain" quite a lot,' signed Greg Booth. Curiously, perhaps, I was disappointed they’d picked that one and rejected the others. I think I understand what makes that poem work for them more than the others, but I still like the other ones and am at something of a loss as to why they’re not ‘good enough.’”

I was never sent a copy of Everywhere, although a former teacher showed me hers, and there was my poem. I wouldn’t mind having a copy. Anybody have an extra they could send along?

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