Sunday, April 22, 2007

what I bought at APE

mini comics as follows:

Man Enough: a queer romance by Bill Roundy

Capacity by Theo Ellsworth

Blood Seeds Become Poetry, a biography of Nguyen Chi Thien by Jonathan Hill

Gaylord Phoenix
by Edie Fake

Holiday Funeral
by Nick Mullins

Nome Sang?
by A. Vanderhoof

And a small paperback anthology of comics “by students from the Savannah College of Art & Design”, Little Moments: 17 stories of youthful folly, edited by John Lowe.

Oh, yeah. Also got a Troubletown tshirt from Lloyd Dangle.

I attended a panel on the graphic novel that included Art Spiegelman and Gene Yang, then didn’t have much time to traverse the hall. I could’ve kept snatching up postcards and shelling out two bucks here, ten bucks there all afternoon. But I had to get to a friend’s party.

Compare to last year.

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