Monday, April 30, 2007

Notes from Travels

from the diary: “Sunday 7/26/87

“Felt kinda dreamy all day. The weather was very nice. I did the weedeating. Finished reading Emblen’s latest book of poems, Notes from Travels. … There’s an anti-abortion letter in today’s Press Demo signed Christina Kalvin-Covarrubias. Rather articulate ire, I’d say.” The Press Democrat is the Santa Rosa daily newspaper.

I wrote about Christina previously, a post about a Poets-in-the-Schools reading at the local bookstore. A month or so after I wrote the post I got an email from Christina. I was sure she had googled herself but when accused she insisted she had been researching one of our old high school teachers. She found her way to my blog and began to recognize some of the people I was talking about. She’s living in Washington state these days, a passle of kids, a different last name. She says she still thinks of herself as a writer but hasn’t done any writing. Some day, some day.

I read a library copy of Don's book. When I visited this January I purchased Notes from Travels from the poet. He brushed some dust off before he handed it to me.

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