Sunday, April 08, 2007

Creative Writing with Don Emblen, part V

from the diary: “Wednesday 3/25/87

“Don Emblen, after class, called me up to the front – along with another young man, Damon … and handed us applications for English Department scholarships. Submit two or three samples of your work – you might get $150, $250. hey wow. I can use it.”

3/26: “… had a helluva time tonight trying to decide what to turn in for that scholarship application. God! I’m in an ultracritical mood. I hate it all!”

3/27: “Don Emblen came by the library to pick up an Interlibrary loan, saw me, said the scholarship application samples ‘were not very representative’ of my writing. Asked if I had any others with me; I said no; he expressed the most interest in the dialect poem. Told him I’d turned the rewrite of that in just today for class; he said something again about the inadequacy of my choices, looked like he expected some explanation so I started to tell him how ultracritical I was last night and – he said, don’t tell me your personal problems. I kind of didn’t say anything – something like, well, fine. He turned, left, I shouted after him – You better be careful; you don’t want to have too good a day. Don’t know if he heard it.”

I was at work at the time so it’s not like I could follow up.

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