Friday, March 23, 2007

what's new

Wednesday was a pretty day so I walked up to Euclid. The last block before North Gate (UCB) has some restaurants and a bookstore. And the walk up the hill provides some nice views of the Bay. I had a chef salad at Stuffed Inn and sat and read & wrote. Then I crossed the street to Analog Books (formerly Signal Books, formerly Collected Thoughts) to see if they had any new literary magazines. Now that I’ve finished with my year’s worth of New Yorkers I seem to be making my way through the lit mags I’ve been buying. Gotta keep myself supplied.

I’ve seen Golden Handcuffs Review and have to confess my pleasure in the title, conventional though it looks. Plus which we have to admit that price is a consideration. At $6.95 and fat it seems a good value. I was also attracted to the special “San Francisco Writers” section, despite my indifference to Michael McClure.

Also picked up Zone 3, which has a white cover, at the center of which is a small color photo of someone’s hands. It was rock bottom for a lit mag these days -- $5. I had heard of very few of the writers inside but decided what the heck. I was going to get a coffee & cookie at the cafĂ© so crossed back over and stepped inside. It was crowded and noisy. I’ve been riding the borderlands of a headache since Tuesday night (evidence of progress!), so I changed my mind and turned for home.

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