Thursday, March 01, 2007

I Never Loved Your Mind

from the diary: “Thursday 8/7/86

“Mom and I exchanged animosities tonight. She was pissed at me for not turning over the paper to her right when she asked for it and I was pissed at her for crabbing at me. According to her I ‘had no right to be offended.’ Since I’d had all day to read the paper I had no right to be reading it just when she wanted to be reading it. I don’t think she would’ve cared if she had known that it would’ve taken me four minutes tops to finish and hand it over. She just wanted to be petty. She was looking for something to grouse over and found it. So I threw the paper on the floor, said, ‘Here! Read it!’ and fled into my room with Paul Zindel’s I Never Loved Your Mind. Mom came to my door as she was going to bed and said, ‘Good night.’ I, of course, still feeling offended, despite my having no right to the feeling, said nothing. So she said, ‘Don’t do this.’ Sounded like something I could’ve said. When she told me I had no right to be offended I told her to leave me alone and I’d do the dishes tomorrow. I wasn’t actually as angry as I tried to make myself sound. She was lighting into me because she had no one else so I returned the favor.”

I loved the title: I Never Loved Your Mind … and I liked Zindel’s The Pigman. The publisher’s description at Amazon: “At 17, Dewey Daniels is fed up with his boring high school and decides to drop out, taking a part-time job at Richmond Valley Hospital. One day he catches fellow dropout Yvette Goethals stealing hospital supplies, and it's lust at first sight. But Yvette and Dewey are like night and day: she's a vegetarian and couldn't care less about a romantic commitment; he loves cheeseburgers and can't get Yvette out of his mind. By the time these two get through with each other, will true love ever be the same?”

I was probably disappointed the book was completely het. If it had had a hint of queer representation I would have made note? Truthfully, I remember nothing about it.

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