Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Creative Writing class with Don Emblen, part I

from the diary: “Friday 2/6/87

“I’m disappointed in Don Emblen’s Creative Writing class. Apparently we’re not going to do any in-class writing. He gives no assignments cuz, he sez, writing is a solitary business.”

Thurs 2/12: “I’ve ‘finished’ revising the first poem I turned in to Emblen, Creative Writing. Started out called ‘The Smile That Died’ – a tacked on title since most poems in my notebook aren’t titled – now called ‘Can’t Be Put Back Together’. I handed a poem in Wednesday – ‘Encountering the Divine’. We don’t have class again till next Wed. cuz of presidents’ birthdays, but I’ve typed a couple short poems – ‘Blah-de-blah’ and ‘New Suit’ to turn in then. Also gonna hand in revised ‘Smile’. “

I visited Don this January and got some of his books. As I’m reading my old diary not just for the books in it but for my development as a writer I have included talk here at Dare I Read about writers I’ve met & writing classes I’ve taken. Don, also known as D. L. Emblen, besides poetry, had written a biography of Peter Mark Roget, creator of Roget’s Thesaurus and coedited with Donald Hall (now U.S. poet laureate) a textbook for writers called A Writer’s Reader -- perhaps two Dons on a book cover was deemed too much.

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