Monday, February 12, 2007

Wonderful Cut-Outs of Oz, part III

from the diary: “Monday 4/7/86

“Got a letter from [Baum Bugle editor] Doug Greene – bawling me out about [Wonderful Cut-Outs of Oz] review. I wrote back today, saying, ‘it was all my fault for sending the thing in late. Though I still like my original version better than your indented one.’ His mucked-up, junked-up one. I hate the stupid thing anyway. Hated it before he diddled with it. So I guess it doesn’t matter.”

The Baum Bugle is the main publication of the International Wizard of Oz Club.

Just seven days later I quote a letter from Doug Greene, “I thought we were corresponding amicably.”

This review remains my only contribution to The Baum Bugle. I am still an Oz Club member. I’m no good at writing to order.

Earlier posts on writing the review are here: part I and part II.

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