Wednesday, February 07, 2007

One Teenager in Ten

from the diary: “Wednesday 3/26/86

“Just read straight through a book called One Teenager in Ten. It’s writings by gay teenagers. Wow. Some of them were very intense. One sixteen year old girl wrote some pretty good erotica in recounting her first sexual experience with her dance teacher. I wasn’t turned on – but almost! Got the book from the library. I requested it and they got it from the Solano Library. Has a big paper wrapped around the front cover saying, 'NON-RENEWABLE, Interlibary loan' and such-like, also very conspiratorally hiding the book’s subject. In the back they offer to forward letters from gay people under 21. I qualify. Maybe I’ll try.”

I did send letters through Alyson Publications' penpal service. I'm sure I'll write about what happened as I read through my diary. Anyway, it also turned out Ann Heron, the editor of One Teenager, was an editor/writer at Nolo Press here in Berkeley when I got a job there after graduating Cal. I didn't work with her, exactly -- I was in customer service not editorial -- and my telling her that I'd read the book didn't lead us to much intimacy, still, it was kind of cool happening into her orbit like that.

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