Sunday, November 19, 2006


Famous poets must get a lotta free stuff. Editor Lee Ballentine has sent me ur-vox before. It's a good looking magazine. I've added it to the stack of read-nexts.

"A dry soul is best because combustible" -- Andrew Joron


LKD said...

I asked this of you over yonder in my pawpaw patch ('neath the hanging fruit) but I'll ask you here too:

Why does delving into the past make you uncomfortable, Glenn?

I always find delving into the past enlightening because I've got a rather spotty memory. Family members have regaled me with memories of events that I swear, don't recall at all--and I was there, I was an active participant.

Love the photo of your mother.

Glenn Ingersoll said...

Because when I delve into my past I unearth uncomfortable emotions. Those uncomfortable emotions are tied to unpleasant things that happened? This is assumed. This may not be the case. But the answer to your question is: the uncomfortable emotions unearthed make delving into the past uncomfortable. Some answer, huh?

On the other hand I got out the scanner again tonight and am working my way through Mom's childhood photo album. And I guess it's going OK so far. I'll probably post more pics from it.

LKD said...

Have you ever been in therapy? I'm not asking that question lightly. If you haven't, you sound like a prime candidate. That's what therapy is all about, confronting those buried memories, dealing with those uncomfortable emotions.

Ever read August by Judith Rossner? You just reminded me of that novel. I read it years ago. The book opens with the quote "after the first death, there is no other." I carried that quote around inside of me for years before I finally understood, really understood, what it meant--after my father died.

Therapy. It's so out of style these days. Everyone wants to pop a damned pill and straighten out their brain chemicals, but all the drugs in the world won't get to the heart of the matter--those uncomfortable emotions.

Glenn Ingersoll said...

Yes, Laurel, I have been in therapy. Talk therapy did me no good whatsoever. I think of therapists as prostitute friends. They are better than nothing, but they only care about you so long as you pay them.

I will always have uncomfortable emotions. I would go back on antidepressants if I felt it dangerous not to do so.

I don't know Rossner, but I see by the online catalog that my library owns August so I'll look at it.