Sunday, April 09, 2006

What I bought at APE

Kent's been suffering with a cold/flu thing. The same one that had me down? Sure. Probably.

So today I went over to the Alternative Press Expo by myself. It was at the Concourse Exhibition Center in San Francisco.

I've just emptied my bag of goodies on the floor. A lot of freebies -- comics, postcards, a poster, business cards. I decided to allow myself a bigger budget than usual. This is what I bought:

Strugglers and Cavalcade of Boys, vol 3 by Tim Fish

True Travel Tales, issues 1 & 2, by Justin Hall

Grand Gestures by Robert Ullman

Don't Be a Crotte!, starring bi-dyke Liliane, by Leanne Franson

Hats by Vasilis Lolos

Brown Paper Bag, issues 1 & 2, an anthology of comics by Jonathan Hill, Tyler Owings, and Jason Rainey

Friends, issue 3, by Francois Vigneault

Little Scrowlie, issue 13, by Jen Feinberg & Todd Meister

The Far Shore, The Milkmaid, The Den of Sin, three mini-comics by Tim Swope

And Then One Day, issue 4, a mini-comic by Ryan Claytor

The Homeless Channel, issues 1 & 2, by Matt Silady

... I talked to several of the creators, not that I'm much at shootin' the shit, and got a sketch or two ...

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