Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Some Angels Wear Black

When I was at APE I saw Jennifer Joseph at the table for her Manic D Press. We dedicated the proceeds of a night at Poetry & Pizza to, as I termed it, the Eli Coppola Publication Fund. Eli was a poet much admired in the SF poetry scene of the 80s-90s. She died in 2000. Plans were in the works to publish a selected poems. After the P&P reading, which was partly a tribute to Eli with others reading her words, Jennifer Joseph said she would let us know when the book appeared.

Among other things at APE I asked Ms J what had happened with the Coppola book. "Oh! Didn't we send you a copy?"

I shook my head. J had me write down my address and the book arrived today. Some Angels Wear Black: selected poems. How neat. Flames all over the cover. A backwards question mark of a plant stem ... it's not a fern, are those leaves or flowers along the stem?

I was surprised to discover my name in the "publisher wishes to thank" paragraph on the copyright page. Jennifer includes me and my P&P mates, Clive, Katharine & Paul.

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