Friday, April 21, 2006

The Circle J

In an article, "Historic Circle J club closing", that appeared in a November issue of the Bay Area Reporter:

"Unlike sex clubs ... the Circle J's primarily hands-off code of conduct is a rarity, and 'the people who come here don't come here to have sex. They won't let you touch them. They're exhibitionists, or they like to watch. We've never had word of mouth because nobody would tell their friends where it's at. It's their place and they don't want the company of people they know.'"

The article describes the room: "[S]ome of the same clients from 35 years ago sit in one of seven church pews lined up in a small room with a large movie screen. On a recent afternoon most pews had one guy in it, pants unbuttoned to the waist, sitting and staring straight ahead, jacking off in close quarters barely making a sound."

"Circle J will be taken over by a neighboring church organization ... [Youth With a Mission] simply offered the landlord more money."

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