Saturday, April 15, 2006


From Kimberly C. Patton's "Seas of Light Swept Through It", an essay included in Best Spiritual Writing 1998:

"[S]houted one older male [colleague] as our two large classes exchanged the lecture hall[,] 'I hear you have something in your belly!" At a faculty Christmas party: 'Bun in the oven, huh?' ... 'Why do these reactions bother me ...' I asked a dear friend ... who is devoutly Jewish. 'Am I hypersensitive?' ... He thought for a minute. 'Because they trivialize the mystery.'"

On the previous page Patton describes the awe she felt seeing the first ultrasound pictures of her fetus. Picking up some of the words she uses I wonder if Patton would have felt exalted by a colleague coming up to her in the crowded hall and exclaiming, "I hear you have 'a miniature, animate icon of God's incarnate glory' in your belly!"

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