Sunday, January 22, 2006

where you're coming from

I added a new utility to my links column (on the right), "Web pages referring to this page". I've seen it on Avoiding the Muse and Dale gets lots & lots of referrals. The referrals utility has been up since last week and so far the only referral it's recorded is the one I did as a test.

I had a referrals utility before (which I'd also picked up from AtM) and I'd always been dubious about its statistics -- was I really getting 90 referrals a day from LoveSettlement (my other blog)? The new referrals utility seems not to agree with the old one. But are no search engines leading people here?

2/3/06 update: I deleted the referring links utility.


Anonymous said...

I just used a link to get here.

May skew your statistics, however, because in this case, I am my own referrer.

Glenn Ingersoll said...

Well, I find myself as suspicious of this utility as I was of the old one. In order to test it I've gone to other sites where I know there are links to DIR and clicked through. Yet Skook is the only one that shows.

Whatever. None of this keeps me up nights.

Anonymous said...

so much for stats.