Sunday, January 22, 2006

where you're coming from

I added a new utility to my links column (on the right), "Web pages referring to this page". I've seen it on Avoiding the Muse and Dale gets lots & lots of referrals. The referrals utility has been up since last week and so far the only referral it's recorded is the one I did as a test.

I had a referrals utility before (which I'd also picked up from AtM) and I'd always been dubious about its statistics -- was I really getting 90 referrals a day from LoveSettlement (my other blog)? The new referrals utility seems not to agree with the old one. But are no search engines leading people here?

2/3/06 update: I deleted the referring links utility.


J Martin said...

I just used a link to get here.

May skew your statistics, however, because in this case, I am my own referrer.

Glenn Ingersoll said...

Well, I find myself as suspicious of this utility as I was of the old one. In order to test it I've gone to other sites where I know there are links to DIR and clicked through. Yet Skook is the only one that shows.

Whatever. None of this keeps me up nights.

J Martin said...

so much for stats.