Monday, December 26, 2005


I have titled my latest poetry notebook:



LKD said...

Hello, Glenn. Long time since I've checked out your digs. Glad I stopped by. I love the photos you've posted of the stormy ocean, the orange kitty and the ugly quilt.

Is that the capital letter "I" or the Roman numeral one?

And, I see you were up close and personal (hey, you touched his overhead projector, right?) with one of my very favorite writers, David Leavitt. What was your impression of him? I've been in love love love with his words since I purchased a copy of Lost Language of the Cranes years and years and years ago on an impulse. I bought it based solely on the title. Same goes for Mysteries of Pittsburgh. Which, I think, illustrates just how crucial a good title can be for a book or poem. I'll skip right over a poem in a journal or zine if the title doesn't grab me. But a good title will suck me in--to the point of actual purchase in some cases, every time.

Belated merry Xmas to you, friend and happy new year.

Glenn Ingersoll said...

Hi Laurel,

Thanks for stopping by. Leavitt was wearing faded jeans and a matching jeans jacket. He was steeped in his subject and talked easily. He was neither gushy nor fumblingly shy so I can't say I got much of a fix on him. He seems to be aging well, his hair thinning but he's not getting paunchy.

Michael Chabon, author of Mysteries of Pittsburgh, lives somewhere near here. He's been a past guest of the Berkeley Public Library's Authors' Dinner fundraiser -- but I didn't go so I can't tell you what he's like in person.

Hope your Xmas was fun and your New Year will be better!