Wednesday, December 14, 2005

another excerpt from Kafka's diary

He feels more deserted with a second person than when alone. If he is together with someone, this second person reaches out for him and he is helplessly delivered into his hand. If he is alone, all mankind reaches out for him -- but the innumerable outstretched arms become entangled with one another and no one reaches him.

[Rereading this I decided I'd miscopied some of it, so I just took the liberty of making a couple corrections. Makes more sense now. Hope it's accurate! Aug 26, 2013]


hbjock said...

Hmmm really interesting concept...

BTW, thanks for your encouragement with the yoga.. it's still hard as hell, but hey.. if it helps me get lean and a heck of a lot more flexible.. then well, when I finally do find "the one", he'll be VERY thankful to yoga ;).

Glenn Ingersoll said...

Thanks for stopping by, Jonah. I'll do a wheel in your honor.